Roller Derby Rules

Roller Derby is a full contact sport played on quad roller skates. Two teams of five skaters play on a small elliptical track, with the ‘Jammer’ gaining points by passing opposing players legally. Opposing players (‘Blockers’) attempt to stop the Jammer by creating physical obstacles, or knocking them over.


Our flat track bouts consist of two 30-minute periods. Each period is made up of scoring periods called ‘jams’. Each jam can last up to 2 minutes. Both teams may have five players on the track in each jam. Four Blockers from each team skate together in a ‘pack’, and one skater from each team wearing a helmet cover with a star on it called the Jammer. The Jammer scores points for their team by legally passing opposing players. The Blockers with a stripe on their helmet are called ‘Pivots’, and can become the Jammer if the Jammer passes their helmet cover to them. This is called ‘passing the star.’


Once the Jammers have made it through the pack once, they are eligible to begin scoring. The advantageous title of ‘Lead Jammer’ is awarded to the first Jammer to skate out of the pack without committing any penalties.  The Lead Jammer has the right to ‘call off the jam’ at any time to end the jam and prevent their opponent from scoring. Jammers score a point for each opponent they pass legally (i.e. without committing a penalty or stepping out of bounds).   Once a Jammer passes an opponent, that skater cannot be scored upon again until the Jammer makes another lap around the track. The Jammers can lap the pack several times during each jam to rack up points. The jam ends when the Lead Jammer calls it off by tapping their hips, or after two minutes has elapsed.


Players receive penalties by committing fouls such as using their hands and forearms for blocking, blocking out of bounds, or blocking more than 20 feet outside of the pack. Each time a skater is given a penalty, they must serve 30 seconds in the penalty box and their team skates with one less skater on the track. If a skater accrues seven penalties they will be ejected from the game.