Sydney Roller Derby’s 10th Anniversary Extravaganza

Sydney Roller Derby League’s 10th Anniversary Extravaganza

I bet at your tenth birthday party you didn’t have seven teams of glammer-than-thou roller derby babes making the crowd scream, laugh, and cry with at least six different emotions, did you?

If you did, that’s really cool. If you didn’t … well …

This is, of course, a childish way to say that omg guys this was so freaking cool!

For the first time ever we had all the former Sydney Roller Derby League home teams come together at Sydney Boys High, a mainstay of the Sydney derby scene, for one final, fabulous face-off.

A quick bit of context …

In one evening we had the SAS, The D’Viants, The Beauty School Knockouts, Team Unicorn, The Brawling Bar Belles, The Black Widows and Team Lumberjack all hustling for one chance to take home the Sydney Roller Derby League Home Season trophy.

Wait, how?

Instead of having full length games, each team faced off in two minute jams. The rules were quite simple.

  • Whoever got the most points at the end of each two minute jam would be awarded 5 overall tournament points.
  • If you lost a jam, your team were awarded zero points, and if you tied teams were awarded 2 points each.
  • While the jammers would not be allowed to call off the jam, lead still mattered. Teams that were awarded lead jammer got a bonus point.
  • After round one, the two teams with the lowest overall points were knocked out, leaving five teams facing off in round two.
  • After round two, another two teams got booted, leaving three teams vying for first, second, and third.

Don’t worry, Winona, it all worked out fine.

In fact, it worked out better than fine. It was FREAKING AWESOME. Along with all the nostalgia of seeing the old uniforms, and a lovey bit of consensual smashy smashy, the evening also featured a retro roller derby classic: The Skate Out.

Yeah man, derby players used to freaking DANCE. Eternal gratitude goes to Sirill Killer for her ability to choreograph a skate out that even the most timid and forgetful derby bad-ass can remember.

sydney roller derby anniversary skate out

Beauty School Knockouts during roller derby anniversary skate out

Sydney Roller Derby Anniversary skate out lift

Yes, we’re all adorable. But as cute as we are dancing, when it came to game time, it was a whole other story.

Team Lumberjack versus Screaming Assault Sirens


Wait, what, that was confusing who won?

These cuties!

Oh, I mean … clearly terrifying punk people.


It was, honestly, the best way to sign off 2017 and give our beloved home teams and Sydney derby fans a really good show. Stay tuned for the next one – 2018 is going to be big!

Words by Icy Red // Photography by Steven Craddock Photography

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