Referees and Non-Skating Officials

Sydney Roller Derby League is excited to present to you our Officials!

2019 Officials:

  • Brat Pitt
  • Candybunts
  • Indiana Bones
  • Jim Peccable
  • KaneStr
  • Nasty Surprise
  • Oztile Axe
  • Ritual Ideas
  • Statisfaction
  • Switzerland
  • Terminus
  • Purple
  • Mr Bump

Our team of dedicated Referees and Non-Skating Officials (NSO) are integral in allowing us to play roller derby. They help keep our play clean, call penalties when necessary, and are responsible for important tasks like keeping time and score in allow us to have a fun and fair game.

We are always looking for more people to join and learn to become a referee or non-skating official (NSO) so get in touch!