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Level 1 Learn to Skate Program: July 11

Roller derby jammer wearing white Sydney shirt in the lead, jammer wearing black following behind out of focus.
Photo by Mark Zouroudis

Sydney Roller Derby's next Learn to Skate Program will start Sunday July 11, 2021. This is a fully gender-inclusive program.

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Skaters who complete LEARN TO SKATE - LEVEL 1 are in a primo position to continue to Level 2 - Roller Derby Fundamentals, where we teach skills specific to the game of roller derby OR to begin shadowing our incredible referee crew to become a referee or Non Skating Official (NSO).

Already feel pretty nifty on a pair of roller skates and just want to learn derby stuff? Check out Roller Derby Fundamentals with Sydney Roller Derby League (email us for more info)

The juicy details

Where: Dunc Gray Velodrome 27 Carysfield Road Bass Hill When: Sundays 12:00pm - 1:30pm Start Date: Sunday July 11th Finish Date: Sunday September 12th

Cost: $110 (plus compulsory Skate Victoria insurance - $85).

What will I need? - Quad roller skates (not in-line skates) - Helmet (appropriate for skating, sorry bicycle helmets don’t count) - Wrist Guards - Elbow Pads - Knee Pads (Ideally vert style - you want some padding in there)

Want more information?

Check out our FAQs below, if you can't find an answer here drop us a line at

Q. Who is it for? A. Level 1 is open to anyone 18 years and older who wants to learn beginner roller skating skills (Level 1 is strictly non-contact.

Q. When, where and how much are the sessions? A. Sessions are run at SRDL’s training venue, Dunc Gray Velodrome in Bass Hill on a Sunday. Level 1 is a 12 week course that you purchase from SRDL is $110 plus $85 for insurance purchased through the Skate Vic portal.

Q. Do I need to know how to skate? A. No, Level 1 is geared towards beginner to intermediate skaters, so no experience is required.

Q. By attending Level 1 will I be able to join a team and play derby? A. Level 1 is a learn-to-skate program that is run by SRDL, but is independent from becoming a member and skater for SRDL. Level 1 will allow you to acquire the skills to try out for our Level 2 Roller Derby Fundamentals program or become a referee. If you are interested in officiating as a referee or an NSO (Non-Skating Official).

Q. What if I can't make every session? A. Level 1 is a progressive program but skills will be reviewed each week, so you will have a chance to cover any skills you missed. Chat to your coach if there is anything you’re concerned about. We also strongly encourage skaters to practice outside of scheduled sessions.

Q. Is full payment required if I can not make all the sessions? A. Yes, you will need to pay for the 12 week program. We cannot facilitate a pay-per-session & the course fee is non refundable once you have started the program

Q. Does SRDL provide gear or will I need to purchase and/or borrow my own? A. No, SRDL does not have the capacity to provide gear; you will need to source your own**

Gear You Need - Helmet (not a bicycle helmet) - Knee & Elbow pads - Wrist guards - Quad Skates

Some people also like to wear padded shorts, or purchase a Tailsaver to protect their tailbones. Some skaters also like to wear shinguards.

**We recommend visiting Skater HQ to grab your gear, they have gear and packages available to hire.

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