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FUN DAYS | Sundays at the Velo!

FUN DAYS is an open-gender, potluck team tournament for players and officials of all experience levels.

Beginning July, FUN DAYS is four monthly Sunday events that can be part of your competitive training (as player, benchie and/or official) or just as a fun hang-out with friends to rediscover your love of derby.

Team rosters are flexible, and a quirky new Jammer head-start rule, will make this tournament fun and exciting to play, officiate and watch.


  • Hosted by Sydney Roller Derby League

  • Held at Sydney’s Dunc Grey Velodrome, Bass Hill

Four rounds:

  1. Sunday 23 July

  2. Sunday 20 August

  3. Sunday 17 September

  4. Sunday 12 November (Finals).

Two games at each round:

  1. 11am–1pm

  2. 1pm–3pm

  • Four teams play each other once (over Rounds 1–3) and all four team qualify for the Finals (Round 4)

  • Flexible team rosters: players may play or bench in both games at each round (if there’s space in the other team).

More exciting games!

Potluck games can be a bummer when one team with a stronger roster dominates the game and the score blows out. Booooo! ☹️

Not at FUN DAYS. A quirky new Jammer head-start rule will give Jammers a time-headstart, to help them get Lead, and to help their team ‘catch-up’ (if they’re behind on points). All teams, regardless of roster strength, can be more evenly matched now.

New collaborations!

FUN DAYS is for all genders, all league members, all experience levels.

Games will be a great place for you to meet and play/officiate with some new derby people, learn new things from them, teach them new things, form better quality collaborations between individuals, leagues, and help playing and officiating grow.

Flexible rosters... finally!

During Rounds 1–3, team rosters will be loosey-goosey to help make derby happen. You’ll join one primary team but, if you’re feeling energetic, and another team needs help (e.g. they’re low on numbers), you’re allowed to join that secondary team and play their games too.

For the Finals round, rosters will be scrutinised by organisers to ensure no one is taking advantage of this chilled approach and inadvertently causes another player to lose their spot on their primary team.


To keep participation cheap and cheerful, players only need black/dark and white/light uniforms (that your league already uses). Feel free to add whatever other accessories you’d like (e.g. tutus).

If you’re keen to referee, but don’t have stitch to wear, Sydney Roller Derby can lend you a (clean) referee top for that round.


FUN DAYS provides opportunities for officials (or officiating-curious) to

try new roles in a relaxed environment. Additionally, Sydney Roller Derby

hosts weekly Sunday scrimmages all year where you can practise roles.

During the games, if things go awry, fear not. The Jammer head-start rule

automatically resolves any accidental advantages one team may get (by

giving the other team a boost)! Benchies will be very happy!

Amazing prizes!

During Rounds 1–3, teams compete for the coveted Smiley Stamp

Encouragement Award — yes, players will get a smiley stamp on

the hand to cherish forever (or at least until bath-time).

Finals’ seedings will be:

  • 1st vs 2nd final — The two teams who won the most smiley stamps over Rounds 1–3

  • 3rd vs 4th final — The other two teams

If two teams are tied on smiley stamps, the team with the greater

points differential over Rounds 1–3 games is seeded higher.

At the Finals, teams will play for two underwhelming awards, made by unqualified craftspeople, using the poorest quality materials possible:

  • The ‘Wait, This Isn’t The Hydra’ award for winner of the

  • 1st-vs-2nd Final

  • 'The Golden Spoon’ award for winner of the 3rd-vs-4th Final.

Code of ‘Fun’duct

Did we mention FUN DAYS is about fun? Come challenge yourself (and others) but bring a chilled attitude, be willing to help, moderate your intensity to suit your on-track friends, don’t be a douchebag, etc.

This is the first time the Jammer head-start rule is being tried out and it may be a sh*tshow. Embrace the confusion! Officials and volunteers are here to have fun too. (If you don’t already, it’s time you started officiating.)

If organisers feel anyone isn’t in sync with these ideals, a friendly chat should help get us back on-track, no?

Where to sign up?

Sign ups for FUN DAYS is now closed - thank you so much for an overwhelming response to making this happen, we have filled all our skater spaces. If you desperately would like to bench or officiate, we have mostly filled our spots but if a desire burns in your heart to help out, drop us a message and we'll see what we can do.


FUN DAYS Tournament Head (and Agony Aunt) is Jim Peccable.

Contact him on Facebook if you have questions, suggestions, noticed omissions, feel like a chat, etc. Or hit up the

We'll be posting some more info soon about the teams and themes, so stay tuned!


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