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SRDL event: The House Cup - Sat 3 August 2019

  • Saturday 3 August 2019, 5-10pm

  • Sydney Boys High School Gym, Cleveland St (between South Dowling St and Anzac Parade)

A low rumble could be heard nearby. Harry noticed the ground shake as he walked up the pathway to a brick building. As he got closer he could smell the delicious waft of BBQ and see silhouettes of eager supporters. He had heard of these events before. He approached the facade of the building: “THE HOUSE CUP” was proudly displayed in large lettering in house colours. He knew that these muggles couldn’t fly on broomsticks. He pondered what was their method of soaring was. Moving through the corridor, he saw red, blue, green and yellow outfits moving ahead of him. The shouting grew louder and louder. Passing through the doorway, he was met with a huge ROAR as spectators flung their arms up over their heads. Harry moved to a vantage point to see what everyone was enraptured by. What he saw was the most thrilling muggle sport he had come across: Roller Derby. So this is what they were talking about, he thought. THIS is what muggles play! Harry found his vantage point and sat down with fans of his favourite team... THE HOUSE CUP was proudly presented by Sydney Roller Derby League.


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